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Alabama Little Britches Rodeo Association Membership Information.


To become a member of the Alabama Little Britches Rodeo Association please fill out the membership application. There is a membership fee of $50/year. If you have more than one child a family membership is $75. If you are new to NLBRA and know a current NLBRA member please ask them for their number so they can get credit for recruiting new members. 


You are not required to be a member of ALBRA to compete at our rodeos. ALBRA does not require that contestants become a member of the NLBRA to compete at our rodeos, but there will be a $30 non-member fee per rodeo.


NLBRA offers its members an opportunity to qualify for the National Little Britches Finals Rodeo that will be held in Guthrie, OK at the famous Lazy E Arena, July 2023. To qualify for the NLBFR a contestant must place in the top 7 at 6 rodeos in the event you wish to compete.


As a member of the ALBRA, each contestant must turn in $100 worth of sponsorship money and sell required raffle tickets attend one more then half of the total rodeos in the event you wish to receive an award. Trail Hands will be required to attend one more than half  of the rodeos and raise $50 in sponsorship money and sell required raffle tickets. Sponsorship will be turned in at DECEMBER Rodeo- Raffle tickets will be due at  APRIL rodeo. Contestant/ Parent are required to turn in a work card at April rodeo Work Card  Parents are required to work a minimum of  40 classes per year 2 work card. Per Contestant for up 2 two kids Parents / Contestants are required to have card signed by director of event or board of director. If work card is lost and has to be replaced. You will have to start over. You may pay for the card instead of working  $1,000.00 per family

Even though there is only $100 required sponsorship, our organization is small, and new, and would like to give as many awards as possible at the end of the year. There are substantial costs in producing these rodeos so please do all that you can to help us raise money.

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