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* No contestants driving vehicles around rodeo grounds after 10pm  unless accompanied by an adult

* Tie Down - 1 Loop Only 

* Breakaway Jr/Sr - 1 Loop Only 

*Team Roping Jr/Sr - 2 Loops Only 

* Senior Ribbon Roping - 1 Loop Only 

* In the Ribbon Roping once runner pulls ribbon. Roper must turn cattle loose.

*Once entered no draw outs after Sunday before rodeo without VET/MED

* No tying horses to panels

* No tying horses to trailers overnight

*No Protest on judges call including but not limited to mark out rule, hat rule, broken pattern will be allowed. The ALBRA appeals committee should be notified if there is an a rule infraction of an event rule during competition. There will be a $25.00 fee for every appeal. If the appeal is granted the money will be returned. if the appeal is denied the money will go to the ALBRA scholarship fund.       

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